Awards Header Top Women in Restaurant Tech
Hospitality Technology’s Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards honor outstanding women from both restaurants and technology suppliers for reimagining restaurant processes and operations while demonstrating excellence in leadership, inventiveness and skill. Now in its third year, the awards are presented every year at MURTEC. Top Women nominees may include restaurant IT executives as well as leaders at technology supplier and consultant firms. Winners are selected in three categories:
Rising Star
Women with less than five years' experience in the industry, who have demonstrated leadership and are already making a mark in foodservice technology.
Forward thinkers who have executed on tools and strategy to transform the foodservice technology space by creating or deploying technologies. Honorees in this category are reimagining how things are done while paving the way for future technologies.
Lifetime Achievement
Recognizing women with no less than 15 years of service and accomplishments in the foodservice technology industry. Winners have had an impact on the foodservice technology industry as well as industry peers through enthusiasm, mentorship and commitment. These influencers demonstrate how technologies can provide new ways of doing things.