Full Name
Shawn Walchef
Job Title
Company Name
Cali BBQ Media
Speaker Bio
Shawn P. Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) is the founder of Cali BBQ Media, podcast host, business coach, and proud dad.

Since opening Cali BBQ in 2008, his family-run restaurant and media company in San Diego has generated more than $30 million in sales.

• CALI BBQ ONLINE: https://calibbq.media

As a restaurateur who opened during the Great Recession of 2008, Shawn Walchef learned to use digital tools and big ideas to stay in business. During the Pandemic, Shawn and his Cali BBQ Media team developed a scalable plan that is three times more profitable than the traditional full-service restaurant model.

He also hosts two weekly video podcast series: Digital Hospitality and Restaurant Influencers. Podcasts are just one part of his burgeoning media empire, which also includes content creation, consulting, and more digital services to help others with their smartphone storytelling.

• Subscribe to Digital Hospitality: https://calibbq.media/podcast-episode
• Subscribe to Restaurant Influencers: https://www.entrepreneur.com/listen/restaurant-influencers

Shawn’s smartphone storytelling strategies have led to Cali BBQ Media being featured on Amazon Prime TV, Bloomberg TV, Entrepreneur, Inc, Eater, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and many other local and national media outlets.

The business owner wants to guide others to the right digital tools and social media strategies that will unlock endless opportunities for them and their brands.


Email [email protected] to get in touch or DM on social media @shawnpwalchef