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Fred LeFranc
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Results Thru Strategy
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In a fast-paced restaurant industry with new technology, competition, and laws changing the game each day, Fred LeFranc brings order to disorder and helps businesses thrive. He is a well-respected industry veteran who has advised many of the industry’s most significant executives and companies – from startups to billion-dollar global chains – to deliver long term sustainable success.
Fred is a change agent, assisting brands in reinventing and evolving to stay relevant to their current and potential customers. He combines direct knowledge of operating a restaurant with an inherent talent for business and acute vision for growth. He leverages his passion for business, understanding of human behavior and knowledge of technology to provide corporate counsel and make a lasting impact. As a corporate strategist, he has turned around many declining businesses, helping significantly improve sales.
Fred and his team of hospitality specialists work closely with entrepreneurs, investors and C-suite execs in finding a company's purpose that resonates and energizes the company's team members and its guests. They are true partners, working with companies to assess their business and uncover paths to improvement. His proprietary process provides powerful insights to help devise and implement strategies to optimize every facet of the organization.
Fred is a prime example of a restaurant industry influencer. He is well-known among restauranteurs, executives, consultants and technology players in the space – having spent nearly his entire career in the industry and having served on the boards of restaurant and technology companies for over 30 years. Fred is also a staple at industry conferences as he is often asked to moderate panels of executives and presentations on hot topics that offer powerful insight, critical to restaurants. As a trusted advisor he has forged important, lasting relationships based on trust and this allows him to continually facilitate introductions and create new connections throughout the industry.
Whether it is a technology start-up, an emerging restaurant brand or a legacy brand seeking revitalization, Fred provides unique service to founders and the C-suite - acting as a mentor and strategist. Fred's talent is a combination of grasping the situation a business finds itself within its dynamic competitive environment; and an ability to define a strategic scalable process to take advantage of opportunities.
Currently, Fred holds the position of President, CEO, Chaos Strategist and Consultant with Results Thru Strategy, a restaurant consulting company he founded in 2006. Fred’s mission is to support company owners and executives while driving change and implementing long-term sustainable growth strategies. On a day to day basis, Fred leads project teams and is responsible for business development initiatives. Collaborating with 20 partners, Fred and his team have completed over 80 projects in the last calendar year. Fred’s confidentiality and discretion is sought after and he serves as a trusted advisor to executive leadership teams and CEO’s, offering guidance throughout the often challenging and complex path to business stability and profitability.
Fred LeFranc