Full Name
Ashish Singh
Job Title
Director of IT
Company Name
Speaker Bio
Ashish is a seasoned technology professional with 33 years of experience in government, non-profit, corporate and consulting sectors. He currently directs the technology strategy at Brigado to enable his team to leverage technology solutions that deliver exceptional business results for their clients.
Having traveled the world, Ashish has deep technological insight and its uses to help bring more context to the hospitality industry space. His wide exposure spans to a wide array of technologies and platforms, and he has built a network of professionals to draw from across the globe. Ashish thrives on problem-solving for his clients; he finds his greatest satisfaction in identifying the root issues and crafting efficient, profitable and practical solutions for clients to address their challenges at hand. He feels at his best when he can empower clients to wield technology as a tool to make people’s lives better. Ashish is invested in making modern technology a well-integrated part of the guest/server experience for his clients.
When he’s not dreaming, planning, or ensuring the clients’ technology systems are optimized, efficient and functional on a 24/7 basis, you will find Ashish championing a cause close to his heart: helping build a passionate, sustainable, healthier world for our children, specifically raising awareness and supporting research to find a cure for pediatric cancer.