Full Name
Robyn Kesler
Job Title
VP of IT
Company Name
Tupelo Honey
Speaker Bio
Robyn Kesler, VP of Information Technology, joined Tupelo Honey Hospitality in 2014 having spent a majority of her career in the hospitality industry. Robyn’s ability to handle complex IT issues has aided her in increasing efficiency and streamlining processes across all stores and corporate offices throughout her tenure. Kesler’s top priority for her department is ensuring zero downtime for the company, swift resolutions for IT issues and staying agile and nimble in an ever-changing industry. Kesler, has played an integral role in Tupelo’s reliable infrastructure having been involved in every major system transition in Tupelo’s history and is a driving force in identifying opportunities for growth and extended support for the restaurants and corporate office. In 2023, Kesler was selected to spearhead, along with COO Caroline Skinner, the new Business Analytics arm for Tupelo Honey. Her in depth knowledge of the current reporting and data infrastructure and ability to lead and drive results made it an easy transition into an ever-growing key aspect of restaurant decision making. Throughout her tenure she has been able to provide agile and strategic leadership to support an ever-changing environment and discover avenues that will help create efficiencies and drive revenue. A top priority for Kesler is ensure every team member feels supported and knows IT and Analytics as an ally to help each department achieve their goals.
Robyn Kesler