Full Name
Carissa De Santis
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer
Company Name
Brix Holdings
Speaker Bio
Carissa is a future-focused technology executive with proven success in providing thought leadership to equip organizations with best-in-class technologies and systems in order to accomplish desired objectives. I am well-versed in adapting service deliverables in accordance with the latest market trends and customer-centric requirements. She leverages her analytical skills to determine probable risks, identify improvement areas, and execute appropriate countermeasures to empower digital infrastructure. Carissa is successful in establishing long lasting and durable relationships with peers, senior management, and stakeholders.
Carissa is accredited for joining hands with executive leadership in tailoring and customizing core strategies as per corporate needs, commercial demands, and client requirements. Her overall areas of expertise include strategic planning, IT infrastructure management, project management, process engineering, budgeting, and cost optimization.
Carissa’s technological aptitude and wealth of operational industry experience allow her to translate critical business requirements into feasible information technology action plans. Some of Carissa’s major strengths include streamlining complicated processes, identifying gap areas, and resolving emerging issues to meet performance and productivity targets. Furthermore, she is well-versed in establishing rapport with cross-functional departments and stakeholders to accomplish long-term mutual benefits.