“The future of food is not chefs, it's technology.”
- Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer brings his no-holds-barred approach to MURTEC, helping restaurants reach their full potential.

Hurry! Offer Expires January 31. 
Valid for qualified restaurant operators only.

Restaurant technology’s gold-star event is back, better than ever. Powerfully uniting restaurant and supplier technology forces for 27 years, MURTEC 2022 is MAGIC.

Virtual brands, ghost kitchens, drone delivery and robot servers aren’t figments of our wildest imagination – they’re today’s hottest tangible shiny objects.

There are no disappearing acts. The handcuffs are officially off, and technology has taken flight, proven viable and profitable just in time to save the day, and win customers.

Step behind the curtain to discover what’s driving restaurants upward and onward. Touch and feel the magic around every corner as you explore technologies, attend sessions and spark ideas.

Travel home with a little something tucked away, to summon when you’re ready for your next big technology move.
MURTEC magic awaits.



The robots are coming, and restaurants are increasingly clamoring to deploy them for automating mundane tasks, combating labor shortages and delivering on-demand 24/7.


While some brands boldly and openly campaign against third-party delivery fees, delivery disruptors are surfacing, including cost-friendly and unique models, drone and robotic delivery.


From food accuracy and data optimization in the kitchen to AI in the drive-thru, restaurants are looking into the high-tech future, tapping computer vision and artificial intelligence to analyze, predict and profit from insights.


From ghost to host to dark, we’ll hear from the biggest, boldest players. Plus, we'll serve up predictions in what some considered to be the dark horse business model -- now blanketing the restaurant space like kudzu.

RTN's Start-up Alley: It's back, and we're hungry.

Join us for a shark tank feeding frenzy.
Then, cast your vote for the winner.

RTN is bringing the hottest new start-up tech companies to the MURTEC show floor. The Start-Up Alley exhibit culminates in a rapid-fire panel session as finalists take the stage and answer judges' questions! Then, cast your vote live at MURTEC for the winner of RTN's Start Up Alley 2022! 


2020 Start-Up Alley Winner PathSpot has since been profiled in Forbes, Fast Company, Times and more!