Full Name
Ken Olenyik
Job Title
Sr. Managing Director
Jersey Mikes Franchise Systems
Speaker Bio
Ken spent most of his life / career with a large Telecom company (3 initials, starts with A) in a myriad of jobs up to and including P&L and Lifecycle responsibility for their IP Domestic Voice Network. He joined Jersey Mikes IT department 3 years ago, with the arduous task of creating a system with which to track and keep on track, all of Jersey Mike’s software Dev projects. In 2018 / 2019, Ken led the organization thru a paradigm shift from Waterfall to Agile project management which is still paying dividends today - from a shortened time to market and on time performance perspectives. Ken lives in coastal New Jersey with his wife, two children, a 16 yo son, a 12 yo daughter and two crazy Vizsla’s. Ken can be reached thru email on- [email protected]
Ken Olenyik